Sportur Travel: Follow your Passions


Our history!

SPORTUR TRAVEL has been founded in 2015 by the Italian entrepreneur Claudio Fantini from Cervia Milano-Marittima based on his passion for sport.

It all began in the 80s when Claudio Fantini took over the beach club – FANTINI CLUB – from his parents and created a meeting point for every sport and wellness lover. Shortly afterwards in the year of 1984 the first European beach volleyball tournament took place at Fantini Club.

Today Fantini Club belongs to one of the most innovative beach clubs in Italy.

Different and modern sport facilities at the beach, a gourmet restaurant, a SPA directly at the sea and a large event calendar make it a popular destination for sporty people from all over the world.

In order to be able to organize the sport in a professional manner, the sports agency SPORTUR was founded due to the numerous ideas and inquiries.

In this way it was possible to arrange competitions, tournaments and training camps of different sports.

One of the most famous, oldest and biggest event is the Granfondo Via del Sale, which attracts every year thousands of cycling fans.

But this is not all!

2009 inaugurated the Sportur Club Hotel, another element of the innovative concept of Claudio Fantini, which combines the specialty of the Adriatic coast with sport and offers various packages for those who are interested in active holidays.

The whole concept get completed by the philosophy of HQ Lifestyle developed in 2013, which considers beside the active movement also the well-being of a person.
Our guest get the possibility to enjoy the life from all perspective – fitness, wellness, nutrition and a positive attitude are the key words of the concept. A lifestyle which has become a true trend in Cervia Milano-Marittima.

Our passion combined with the ideas, visions and various services are the basis for the formation of our Tour Operator SPORTUR TRAVEL!
The combination of all the components gives us the opportunity to offer you an unforgettable experience!


Find with us your individual package for your personal adventure!

Enjoy a holiday according to your well-being in combination with relaxation and wellness, a balanced nutrition as well as a varied entertainment program.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Professional or amateur. Single, as a couple or with the whole familySPORTUR TRAVEL will always find a unique offer for you!

And if you can’t find something for you, contact us! We will create a package suitable for your wishes. Your satisfaction is our goal! Your satisfaction is our motivation!

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